Management Consultancy for Human Resources

“Important and effective method is to outsource the whole HRM function to a third party so that the SME can focus on its core activities. It can generate considerable savings for the firm while ensuring that required tasks are performed by companies who specialists in the area. Of course there are also other benefits to outsourcing the HRM function other than costs such as compliance with legislation and shifting this responsibility to a third party; access to experts, improved service and quality, improvement in employee satisfaction as well as morale amongst others.” SME Advisor, Dr. Ashraf Mahate, Head of Export Market Intelligence, Dubai Exports.
Our team of Management Consultants can assist you with:

Total HR Support

Assuming full responsibility of your company’s human resource administration (PEO or Professional Employer Organisation) More Details

Specific services

If you’re uncertain about outsourcing everything but know you don’t have the staff or experience to keep it in-house, you can try outsourcing only certain sections.


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Assisting in DHDA

Dubai Human Development Award (DHDA) is an initiative by the Government of Dubai’s Department of Economic Development. More Details

HR Software

Which one is the best suited viz-a-viz price-functionality matrix for my organization?

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